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The Guardian Broadcast is a free, 15 to 25 minute weekly message crafted for the Concealed Carry American, with the purpose of helping to keep their Warrior-Edge sharp. All topics related to armed Self-Defense are covered in a happy, balanced, personal manner.
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EPISODE #140: Loyalty to Truth and Effectiveness 
May 8, 2018
Duration: 11:46 | Size: 9MB
This week we want to discuss a bit of CCU philosophy and approach to self-defense in response to some observations about the community as a whole.
EPISODE #139: A New and Important Test for Handgun Reliability 
May 1, 2018
Duration: 14:53 | Size: 13.6 MB
This week Patrick explains how important it is that we be objective about our gear choices as we continue to explain some new findings on handgun reliability.
EPISODE #138: Guns That ‘Don’t Malfunction’ 
April 24, 2018
Duration: 14:23 | Size: 12MB
This week, Pat continues to divulge some little-known reality based observations about handgun performance during reactive scenarios.
EPISODE #137: Defining Tier One Handgun Capabilities 
April 17, 2018
Duration: 13:12 | Size: 10.7MB
Between marketing, sensationalism, anecdotes, and a lack of real world testing, we see a serious lack of real data about which handguns perform well in a variety of practical situations. So, this week Pat will discuss some of these concepts from a position of reality and objectivity – and you might be surprised with the direction it goes!
EPISODE #136: Active Shootings and Real World Solutions 
April 11, 2018
Duration: 22:12 | Size: 20MB
In this broadcast, Pat goes extraordinarily deep into the truth and real world solutions for Active Shootings. This is not one to be missed – Pat faces the tough questions of our time head on and definitively.
EPISODE #135: The Two Kinds of Gunfights 
February 26, 2018
Duration: 8:13 | Size: 6.6 MB
In this episode, Pat covers a universal and innate fact regarding violence: there are two basic ways it can develop and each one necessitates its own response.
EPISODE #134: The Power of Acclimation – Part Three of Three 
January 17, 2018
Duration: 10:12 | Size: 11.7 MB
This is the final part in the Acclimation series, and this is where the rubber meets the road, where observation and articulation transform into raw, explosive, dramatic potential.
EPISODE #133: The Power of Acclimation – Part Two of Three 
January 9, 2018
Duration: 10:02 | Size: 11.2 MB
This week, we continue our base-jump into the human machine and its primary mechanism of survival: acclimation.
EPISODE #132: The Power of Acclimation – Part One of Three  
January 3, 2018
Duration: 6:07 | Size: 7 MB
This week, we begin a series of broadcasts intended to provide a far more in depth and actionable look at Acclimation – one of the most powerful forces a driven and ambitious person can employ to their lives and efforts to improve upon – or endure – anything.
EPISODE #131: 3 Seconds From Now – FAQs and an Inside Look 
December 12, 2017
Duration: 8:00 | Size: 6.72 MB
3 Seconds from Now has changed the face of the Concealed Carry University. This is our most meaningful contribution in terms of forward progress in the understanding of Combat Dynamics yet, and this week we take a moment to answer some common questions about the new, exciting series.
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