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The Guardian Broadcast is a free, 15 to 25 minute weekly message crafted for the Concealed Carry American, with the purpose of helping to keep their Warrior-Edge sharp. All topics related to armed Self-Defense are covered in a happy, balanced, personal manner.
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EPISODE #20: Wherein I’m Forced to Watch a Man Die
March 7, 2015
Duration: 15:01 | Size: 10.32 MB
CONTENT MAY DISTURB SOME. (There’s nothing disrespectful or without taste–certainly nothing compared to what we may experience as armed Americans–but still): In this week’s broadcast, I share the tragic story of an incident that I was present for during this past week at a local coffee shop, along with several important lessons that we can take away from a man’s unfortunate death. Which life-saving skills should we have in addition to self-defense? What tools should we keep on us or in our vehicles for emergencies? How will others react when someone is dying? How will you react?
EPISODE #19: Nonviolent Ways to Stop an Attacker
March 3, 2015
Duration: 19:14 | Size: 13.27 MB
In this week’s broadcast, we begin a three-part series on how to avoid a violent attack and, ultimately, how to survive an unprovoked attack by a predator. We do this by boiling down the concept of Self-Defense into its most basic form, using a “tip the scales” analogy. In this week’s Part 1, we cover the nonviolent ways to defeat an active attack in progress.
EPISODE #18: A Negligent Discharge Inside the Home & The Gun-Free Zone Dilemma
February 24, 2015
Duration: 23:07 | Size: 15.87 MB
In this week’s recording, we discuss two very difficult subjects for us armed Americans: A fellow Forward Operator’s negligent discharge inside his home . . . how it happened . . . why it happened . . . and how to learn from his mistake and avoid having this happen ourselves. Second, we discuss the “Gun-Free Zone” conscience battle of the lawfully armed American: whether or not to carry there anyway, how to rearrange our lives to avoid them, how to remain safe and secure within them while unarmed, and what to do with our guns when leaving them in our cars when we do have to patronize a gun-free zone.
EPISODE #17: My Boneheaded Concealed Carry Mistakes
February 17, 2015
Duration: 24:33 | Size: 18.91 MB
This week, we discuss some of the boneheaded concealed carry mistakes that I’ve made over the years. Learn from my mistakes! A few lowlights: “Dangerous Ammunition Mistake,” “Wardrobe Tactical ‘Malfunctions,'” “Empty Chamber Carry Mistake,” “Buying Poor Quality Equipment,” “Deadly Muscle Memory Shooting Mistake,” etc., etc. . . .
EPISODE #16: Stocking Up: When, Why, and How
February 10, 2015
Duration: 52:59 | Size: 30 MB
This week, we discuss the idea of “stocking up” on ammunition, magazines, and even firearms. Should it be done? If so, when should we do it? To what extent? What should we buy? How much should we spend, and where do we buy it? And what drives the prices? Can price-runs be predicted?
EPISODE #15: Gun Laws & the Unspoken Truth about the Legal System
February 3, 2015
Duration: 20:11 | Size: 15.87 MB
 used this week’s broadcast to talk about one of the most important warnings (and opportunities) that I feel I can offer about our country’s legal system: the influence its human elements have on how laws are enforced, and how to leverage this subjectivity to our advantage. I do have one note about this week’s broadcast. In the beginning, I tell two TRUE stories about how people received completely opposite treatment for unknowingly committing the same crime (a felony) by having a weapon in their vehicle (one man had an expired CPL and didn’t know it; the other had a pair of decorative brass knuckles but didn’t realize it was illegal).

I attempt to make this point 100% clear:

The man with the far more dangerous weapon, the loaded .38 spcl revolver, was NOT arrested for committing what was legally a felony, because of who he was in his community, the way he was dressed, his manners, and his intelligence level.

Meanwhile, the other man, with an almost harmless weapon (especially in his untrained hands), the brass knuckles that he bought from a flea market and then forgot about, WAS charged with a felony, because he was sloppily dressed, not well spoken, and belligerent at the scene of a traffic accident of which he was a victim.

With that in mind, I hope you find this week’s broadcast helpful!
EPISODE #14: Handgun Accuracy: What It Takes to Achieve Excellent Accuracy
January 27, 2015
Duration: 15:25 + Bonus | Size: 22.32M
This week I have a very special Forward Operator Broadcast for you. It’s all about handgun accuracy: how to increase your accuracy ability with your handgun. The bottom line is that accuracy is where the rubber meets the road. Without handgun accuracy, it doesn’t matter how good our intentions are. It all comes down to putting shots on target effectively – to end the fight the fastest.

THE PROBLEM IS, there’s a big difference between Target Accuracy and Combat Accuracy, and between Slow Accuracy (where most shooters are) and Fast Accuracy. We discuss all that today. Being capable and confident with your handgun is an almost priceless feeling. If you’re not there already, I want to help you become ready. That’s why following this Broadcast, I have a very special announcement.
EPISODE #13: How to Handle a Routine Traffic Stop
January 20, 2015
Duration: 13:29 | Size: 11.37 MB
This week’s Forward Operator Broadcast answers a simple question: How do I deal with law enforcement officers during routine interactions, such as a simple traffic stop? We discuss this topic thoroughly, diving into some of the strange tendencies that some armed Americans resort to during traffic stops, and how to correct the mindset that would yield those negative responses.
EPISODE #12: Semper Fi, Armed American
January 13, 2015
Duration: 10:54 | Size: 9.43 MB
Patrick puts forward three arguments insisting that armed Americans are among the most responsible, dependable, and faithful groups of American citizens.
EPISODE #11: The Criminal Mindset, Illustrated
January 6, 2015
Duration: 16:34 | Size: 13.3 MB
Patrick recounts a close call with a suspicious individual, which was emailed in by a fellow Forward Operator. This chilling story not only provides a good case study for a potentially violent situation, but importantly illustrates a startling look into the sort of mindset that’s capable of producing criminal motivations.
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