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The Guardian Broadcast is a free, 15 to 25 minute weekly message crafted for the Concealed Carry American, with the purpose of helping to keep their Warrior-Edge sharp. All topics related to armed Self-Defense are covered in a happy, balanced, personal manner.
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EPISODE #50: Why (and How) We Guardians Must All ‘Act Within Calculated Risk’
October 27, 2015
Duration: 22:38 | Size: 15.5 MB
Living intentionally as a Guardian (a responsibly and Privately Armed American) requires that every Decision and Action we make is weighed as a Calculated Risk. Once we define and describe this concept, we push into one of the most fundamental differences between the concealed carry hobbyist … and the Effectively Armed GUARDIAN.
EPISODE #49: The New GLOCK 43. A Miracle? Or a Dunce?
October 20, 2015
Duration: 23:34 | Size: 16.9 MB
The new GLOCK 43 has been called “the most highly anticipated handgun release of the last two decades.” But is all the hype justified? Has the most miraculous innovation in handgunning finally arrived—or have its fans simply been won over by hype and flair?

In this Guardian Broadcast, I look at the raw data. Does the GLOCK 43 represent a good compromise in weight, size, ammunition capacity, and power? Let’s give it the CCU treatment and see if this new pistol still has a leg to stand on, shall we?
EPISODE #48: Will You Achieve Your Goals? A Personal Message from Pat … and God?
October 15, 2015
Duration: 11:22 | Size: 7.8MB
This week’s message relates to our GOALS: Your goals and my goals as private individuals, yes: but also, our goals as guardians.

What does it take to achieve a goal? Luck? Not a chance. The truth is, achieving a goal requires the same recipe as becoming a safely, responsibly, and EFFECTIVELY armed guardian.

This formula is simple, though many people never figure it out. It’s easy, but nearly impossible for most people. Interestingly, I’m speaking about this today because of something that was revealed to me in prayer! That said, I wouldn’t share it unless I thought everyone could benefit from it, regardless of creed.
EPISODE #47: Lessons from Oregon, and a Chilling Prediction on Future Violence Against Gun-Owners
October 6, 2015
Duration: 22:09 | Size: 15.2 MB
*NOTE: Broadcast Message is 15 minutes long, then there’s an optional 15-minute “state of our rights” type address.*

Two days after my sounding-of-the-alarm-bells last week on exactly this sort of thing’s imminence, we had our 6th worst mass school shooting ever – our 4th worst since the 1960s (67% as deadly as “Columbine”, to put it in perspective).

After grieving and prayer for our nation, we Guardians must examine the tragedy, and extract any strategic and tactical lessons that we can (and there are a few important ones). This is how we Guardians pay our respects to the murdered and the injured: by making sure we’re ready in case it ever happens when we’re near.

In addition to that, I finish by discussing the updated gun-supply/price situation in the country following the attack, as well as one specific political reaction that I see, which I am certain will have chilling repercussions in the coming months or years.
EPISODE #46: ACTION STATIONS! Critical Moment for Your Personal Store of Firearms and Ammo (Listen ASAP.)
September 29, 2015
Duration: 26:00 | Size: 18MB
Please do not be fooled or lulled to sleep! In this ultra-important Broadcast, Pat explains why our abilities to purchase and own the firearms, magazines, and ammo we depend on are in the most precarious position since 1992, and why we’re almost certainly on the brink of another price & supply run.

What does this mean for you? NOW IS THE TIME. Listen to this broadcast, and see why I believe – in many ways – it may be ‘now or never’. The gun-economy could change any week, so please listen sooner rather than later.
EPISODE #45: A Caution About Angry People
September 22, 2015
Duration: 19:28 | Size: 13.4 MB
In this week’s broadcast, we discuss how our actions (and reactions) as Guardians must account for the possibility of encountering irrationally-acting angry people. Also shared is a story from close to my home town, of a Guardian who mistakenly allowed himself to be sucked into an angry man’s rage… and it cost them both their lives.
EPISODE #44: Squirrel Hunting Edition: Discipline, Commitment, and Excellence
September 17, 2015
Duration: 19:58 | Size: 13.7MB
Last week, we discussed ‘discipline’, and some of the excellent consequences we inevitably see if only we can muster some of it. I also received several emails from people who were curious about squirrel hunting. What’s that like? Do I eat the meat? Isn’t that cruel? Perfectly legitimate questions! The thing is, hunting itself is a discipline, and I’ve learned over the years that the most disciplined hunters generally see the best results. Because I had a pretty interesting upbringing in this regard, I decided to take a personal note with this weeks’ broadcast. I hope you don’t mind!
EPISODE #43: Creating Competitive Advantages for Yourself, in Self-Defense as in Life
September 8, 2015
Duration: 33:52 | Size: 23.2 MB
Did you know that each of us has the ability to create unique competitive advantages for ourselves? In this Guardian Broadcast, Pat lays out his concept of the “Competitive Advantage Action Cycle,” because he wants you to understand just how far Discipline, Opportunity, Awareness, and Action can carry you far beyond your fellow men–in self-defense and in life at large.
EPISODE #42: What We Must Understand about the French Train Terror Attack
September 1, 2015
Duration: 57:45 | Size: 39.6 MB
SPECIAL EDITION: Extended Length. In this broadcast, Patrick critiques the recent terror attack that took place in France, in which three Americans acted decisively to prevent what could have become the most deadly act of terror in French history. The Americans did many things right, BUT they were assisted by luck in several ways. We must differentiate between good choices and good luck, so that we, as Responsibly Armed Americans, can learn to mimic the good CHOICES (which we CAN control), while not making the deadly mistake of banking on LUCK (which we cannot control).
EPISODE #41: Three American Guardians on a Train
August 25, 2015
Duration: 15:03 | Size: 10.3 MB
In this broadcast, we have the happy opportunity to celebrate the heroism and ACTION-ism of 3 Americans whose decisive action saved the immediate lives of 20-50 people (my estimate, as the shooter had 9 magazines of 7.62×39 – 20 or 30 round mags; we don’t know) and prevented the injuries of dozens and dozens more. There are important tactical considerations to take away from this incident, and I look forward to that discussion next week. But this week, we must focus on an equally important take-away of this incredible story. I hope you find this broadcast motivating.
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