Welcome to the Concealed Carry University.
My name is Patrick Kilchermann, and I founded the Concealed Carry University in 2014 with one purpose in mind: helping America’s armed private citizens more effectively carry out their preservation of innocent human life.

Since a very young age, I have felt a call of duty to support America’s Guardians.

Who are America’s Guardians?

A Guardian is somebody who is willing to sacrifice for the good of others. Every day that a law-abiding private citizen puts on a gun and bears the physical, financial, and legal liability to carry concealed, he or she is sacrificing for others.

The guardian is — in my opinion — the cream of the crop of American citizens. It is to serving this person that I am pleased to dedicate my life.

Who We Are and What We Believe
The Concealed Carry University stands firmly for responsibility and balance. This balanced, scientific, and logical approach to armed self-defense is the antithesis of the ‘gun shop, anecdotal’ philosophy that keeps people in the dark.

For example, while we believe in and support the unhindered, uninfringed right to keep and bear the same weapons that violent criminals have access to for defending ourselves against those violent criminals, we also believe that everybody who chooses to go armed has a responsibility and duty to those whom they are seeking to protect to become as safe and effective with their weapon as they can.
We Believe That Effective Self-Defense Should be Learned in this Order:






"si vis pacem para bellum" - if you seek peace prepare for war
The Concealed Carry University ruthlessly pursues truth in all matters related to self-defense. We pull no punches. We also grant no quarter to the ‘gun store and gun range anecdotes’ that have permeated and obfuscated the concealed carry domain.
What We Do
We produce DVD training programs designed to be viewed at your house — alone, or with other responsibly armed Americans.

You will not find a torrent of articles or hastily produced videos on the site. Instead, we believe passionately in respecting your time and money. We do this by producing complete courses that provide a “master’s degree” level of education.

Our training material is not an endless rabbit hole. I began the Concealed Carry University with a very specific 12-piece curriculum that I plan on building over the next seven years. Every curriculum piece that we develop absolutely will stand the test of time — it will be just as relevant in 30 years as it is today.

We also refuse to reinvent the wheel. If there exists a training program on a given topic that we cannot improve upon, we will point you in that program’s direction. In short: if we release a training program on any given topic, then it is because we believe that ours is the absolute best vehicle of education for that topic in existence.
Standing Behind Our Word
Every training curriculum program that we ever release automatically comes with a lifetime 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. I believe in the golden rule: treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. And I believe everybody should stand behind what they create. In this, I wish to lead by example: if ever you find yourself unsatisfied by a training program that we have produced, you need only ship it back to us and we will refund your every penny of your purchase price. It doesn’t matter what sort of condition the program is in, or how used it is, or how beat up it is. No fine print!
Where to Begin
The Complete Guide Box Set

I heartily recommend that if you have not gone through our 20-hour, seven-disc program called The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide To Effective Self-Defense, you consider making that investment today.

This is our flagship course, and we designed it to immediately elevate you to the top 2% of responsibly armed Americans in terms of your concealed carry education and defensive combat competency. Granted: there is an extreme difference between KNOWING how to defend yourself and actually being able to do it — but this seven-disc program, The Complete Concealed Carry Guide, will give you the roadmap of how to obtain and achieve those skills. It is almost impossible to go through that 20-hour course without having it change your life.

More information about this program can be found by clicking on the tab at the top of this page that reads “Education and Training.”

Master Handgun Accuracy Box Set

Since I believe so strongly in only producing training material that is the absolute best available, it goes without saying that I always recommend trying our programs. For example, even if you already consider yourself a competent handgun marksman, I would still encourage you to give our Master Handgun Accuracy program — a three-disc, six-hour training program — a try. If it doesn’t drastically improve your handgun marksmanship ability — just send it back.

You can also find more information about this program inside the “Education and Training” page in the menu at the top of this website.

If you are not quite ready to invest in any of our training material, I would at least recommend that you sign up for our Guardian Broadcasts. These are weekly motivational and educational messages recorded by yours truly to help you in your journey as an armed citizen.

It is a privilege to have you stop by. Thank you so much for your time — and if our paths should never cross again — please accept my most gracious and heartfelt thanks for having the courage to be an American warrior. God bless!
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