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Prudently Armed Guardian: Has Your Handgun Accuracy Stopped Improving? 
You Need to be 100% Happy and Confident with your Target and Self-Defense Accuracy.
"What Every Handgun Shooter Must Know About Handgun Accuracy Before Spending Another Penny At the Range."
Out of the 140,000+ students we've had here at the Concealed Carry University, nearly all of them described a lack of satisfaction with their Handgun Accuracy abilities - and a great number of them demonstrated *less than acceptable self-defense accuracy* when we tested them.

Given that this fundamental skill is so critical, PLEASE READ ON:
Imagine: A Guardian's Worst Nightmare.
Story: "Embarrassment and Shame 
at The Gun Range."
From: Patrick Kilchermann
founder of the Concealed Carry University
My passion in life is preparing good people to be confident and fully prepared to face and survive violence. In pursuit of this passion, we have gone on to explore the absolute tip of the spear of handgun fighting and survival training. Our "easy, balanced, respectful, scientific and reality-based approach to effective self-defense" education material and curriculum have become the top-rated and most popular, nationally, for over 5 years.

But there's a major problem that we encounter almost constantly ( and at every single skill level ). 
"So Common Among Handgun Shooters 
That It's Become An Epidemic."
Usually it goes something like this: In the middle of a class, we see that two or three people are really struggling and suffering. Their faces get redder and redder, and you can feel the tension. Sweat breaks out. You start seeing anger. At the results on their targets, anger at their equipment, anger at themselves. 

But these are the 'good' stories, because these hard-working individuals are there with us and we can help them. But most often, and most ridiculously, "pistol accuracy deficiency syndrome" plays out more like this comical example: 
This is a Little Embarrassing:
Two years ago, my Director of Operations and I were attending an exclusive certification program along with some of our peers. The 'students' in this course were actually instructors who wanted to be able to teach even more people about the art of the handgun at higher, more competitive levels. In other words: these people should be the experts leading by example!
First came the classroom portion of the class. But "on Day 3," said the instructor, "we're all going to the range together and you're all going to have to qualify in a course with your handguns." 

No sweat. If we can't shoot, we shouldn't be teaching, right?

Well, I wish I could say I was surprised but I wasn't, when.... Day 3 came around, and the instructor called out a few of our names. "Come on guys: range qualification time." 
"What about everyone else?"

"Everyone else has already qualified. They got with me earlier and requested private qualification sessions." 

I looked around: heads quickly lowered and eyes fell to tables. This is typical: these people were so embarrassed about and lacked confidence with their handgun abilities that they didn't want to shoot in front of anyone. And - I'm sure - they relied on the instructor letting them shoot the course as many times as they needed. My Deputy cracked a smile...
But I Didn't Laugh. My Own Humble Beginnings 
Were Still Very Fresh In My Head:
The truth is, for reasons I'll explain in a moment, there was no need for these people to be embarrassed. 

In fact, to say that I was a miserable shot in the beginning would be a disastrous under-statement. I still remember perfectly how dumbfounded I was at age 18, when I shot a modern semi-automatic pistol for the first time. 
I remember standing there at eight or ten yards, firing shot after shot at a paper-plate. The bullets impacted all over the place, no matter how smooth I thought I was being. It made no sense to me. I was a competition archery and rifle shooter, and yet that pistol made me feel like I had never touched a gun in my life. I literally thought the GLOCK 26 I was firing was in some way defective!
I Certainly Never Would Have Imagined What I Would One Day Be Capable Of... (or what my students from all walks of life would become capable of with the simplest instruction )...
I never would have guessed that one day I would be one of the leading figures in both range and combat marksmanship education in the country; creator of some of the nation's most popular and highest rated concealed carry and handgun curriculum. 

I never imagined that just ten or fifteen years after that day with the paper plate I would be pioneering a new method for teaching handgun shooting and marksmanship - a method that would be helping so many people achieve the results and confidence they wanted and always knew they were capable of with their pistols in hand.

A method that would make impressing friends at the range OR shooting to live in self-defense EASY... and a method that would allow people to go from 'beginner' to 'advanced' abilities in as little time as a month. 

Because here's the thing:
Wearing the green sweater, Pat Kilchermann discreetly draws on an already-drawn gun, and lands seven center-of-mass hits against his attacker without ever being struck.
Not 100% Happy with Your Pistol Shooting SPEED, CONTROL, and ACCURACY?
In my experience after all these years, I've learned that very few people have ever been taught the simple yet stunningly effective simple way to properly fire a handgun accurately - or how to ingrain this life-saving skill into our minds and bodies so that it's an auto-pilot response. 

Having witnessed a great number of pistol users from all across the skill spectrum has proven to me on thing: that 
shooting a handgun accurately is not a skill that comes naturally. It's something we have to be taught; something we have to learn. Otherwise, training scars and bad habits set in and make it so that no matter how much we shoot, we simply never get as good as we want to be - or as good as we need to be.
(...or learn too late.)
There are FOUR things a shooter must understand and adopt if he or she hopes to achieve the kind of handgun marksmanship that is (1) Sufficient and Responsible for someone carrying around a loaded, deadly weapon, (2) Impressive and Inspiring at the gun range, and (3) Life-Saving and Confidence-Bestowing for the one who carries concealed: 
#1: Good Instruction via the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy.
Shooting a handgun properly is like strumming a note on a guitar. First, it doesn't matter if you're playing a $75 guitar or a $7,500 guitar. Unless your fingers are in the right spot and pressing 'just so', that note just isn't going to sound good. 
That's exactly how it is with handgun shooting. A $900 pistol might make handgun accuracy a little easier, but it'll never even come close to allowing you to shoot as good as the guy with a $350 pistol who understands the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy. 

What are these foundations all about? The 7 Foundations concept recognizes that every part of your body plays an important, make-or-break role in firing an accurate shot with your handgun. Your feet and leg 'grounding'. Your upper body positioning. Your arm and shoulder lock. Your grip technique and balance. Your sight alignment. Your breathing regulation. And finally: your trigger control. These are the 7 Foundations I speak of... 
... And WITH THESE 7 Foundations in place, you will quickly and easily be able to achieve the results you see to the left, which I hold as the standard that my CCU students of all ages and eye-sights are able to achieve with a standard self-defense pistol. The key? You've just got to learn exactly how to implement and execute these 7 Foundations. More on that in a moment, because that's only the first of three critical factors.
#2: These 7 Foundations Must be Ingrained Inside Your Muscle Memory.
Here's another critical, key point that is required for life-saving pistol accuracy:
It's not only enough to know how to adopt the superb shooting stance through the 7 Foundations. (Even though, by my observations, fewer than 20% of shooters manage to get it all right). 

You see, knowing the 7 Foundations isn't enough because, in order to be able to count on your marksmanship abilities to save your life, you need to be able to adopt this stance in a heartbeat and without any conscious thought. It has to be an automatic, auto-pilot physical response. Where the decision to draw your handgun causes your body to instantly adopt the correct shooting posture.
OTHERWISE, what happens? 

Take a look at the statistics to the right - this is what happens when most people are attacked (including police officers), and it explains why so many good guys end up getting killed when facing more experienced violent threats. 

THE REASON is because when we're subject to the stress of a sudden, ambush violent attack, everything we've learned goes flying out the window. INCLUDING how to fire a handgun with any semblance of accuracy. 

The fact is: 
"WHEN WE'RE ATTACKED, the only skills and abilities that we'll have at our disposal in those critical seconds are the ones that we've ingrained into our muscle memory. It's as simple as that."
And so not only must we adopt the 7 Foundations method of firing a handgun, but we must train and practice in the specific way that implants these skills into our muscle memory.
If we don't... then when we're attacked, we'll be jerking that trigger so hard, and with such sloppy grips and shooting forms that our bullets will literally be spread out in an 8 foot circle around our attackers (no exaggeration) - and pretty soon, we'll be at slide-lock with an empty gun, watching helplessly as the threat continues to approach.
How do you implant something like the 7 Foundations into your Muscle Memory? It's extremely simple: repetition. We have to practice. 

HOWEVER. (and this is the fatal mistake of those few who even get this far and try to practice):

Repetition and Muscle Memory can be very dangerous.... because if you practice the wrong way, you can easily make it so that you'd have been better off if you'd never practiced at all. And that's where the third critical fact of Handgun Accuracy comes in:
#3: You Must Practice SMARTER, not HARDER.
Developing a good use of the 7 Foundations and implanting it into your Muscle Memory requires a decent amount of practice in a short time-frame. Otherwise, your mind and body forget what you've learned after just 3 or 4 days of inactivity. 

But if you can keep up practice regularly for just 30 - 45 days... you will have developed a handgun accuracy skill that will be implanted into your brain as firmly as riding a bike. Considering that this is the 'holy grail' of handgun ability, can save lives, and can win you massive respect at the shooting range, you'd think more people would devote time to this. 

But they don't... and can you guess why?
Simple! Because absolutely nobody can afford the time (let alone the $$$$$) to go to a shooting range 5-6 days a week for a month. 

Well, that's where "practicing SMART" comes in. Let me emphasize this important fact:
"The truth is that not only is shooting live ammo in a shooting range 
totally unnecessary for developing superb handgun accuracy..... 
but it's actually not even recommended."
It's like this:

Because of the way the brain perceives and internalizes external stimuli, if all you ever shoot is live fire, there's only so far you can go with your accuracy skills

For some people who are especially sensitive, shooting live rounds actually makes you a worse marksman. 

That's exactly why the best shooters out there - competition marksmen - recommend that the pistol shooter DRY-FIRES three times for ever live round he or she fires in live practice. 
When I began teaching dry-fire practice as the basis and foundation for handgun marksmanship training back in 2013, it raised many eyebrows throughout the industry. Some even scoffed at it. But: there was no reason for this: Even the Marine Corps recognizes dry-fire practice as being at least as beneficial as live-fire practice, and has used this training and practicing method for over a hundred years. 
And when you adopt dry-fire practice as the basis for your marksmanship development regimen, three incredible things happen:

> You can easily accommodate the 5-minutes of practice required each day for 30-45 days until you've implanted the 7 Foundations into your muscle memory...

> Practicing this much doesn't cost you a dime and can be accomplished (with a safe and unloaded pistol) in the comfort and security of your own home. (and did we mention every single modern center-fire pistol manufacturer deems dry-fire perfectly safe for their handguns?)

> and finally, you end up practicing in a way that ingrains the perfect shooting platform into your muscle memory WITHOUT any of the training scars you'd get from live-fire practice...

... and the results of doing this will *absolutely blow your mind.* You'll never have imagined that you'd be capable of this kind of an improvement to your handgun shooting in just one month, whether you're a brand new shooter, or whether you've been shooting for 40 years.
There is of course..... just one catch. 

And this may be the most important lesson I've learned regarding learning proficient, confidence-inspiring and life-saving pistol marksmanship:
#4: Don't Make the Mistake of 'Going Alone'.
"Don't waste hundreds of hours of your life and thousands of dollars in ammunition costs over the years by trying to learn this stuff yourself. Shooting a handgun really well (exactly as well as you need to be able to shoot) may seem simple... and it is... but only if you go about learning this skill in the right way. 

*Take Advantage* of the wisdom out there. Take the short-cuts. You'll get better, you'll get better faster, you'll impress yourself and other people, you'll gain a critical, life-saving skill, and you'll have more fun."

I hear it all the time and I've said it many times myself, but I think the words are more effective coming from an industry titan, founder of the nation-wide chain of US GUN CLASS schools, Gary Peterson:
"I could have shaved years off my training if only I had been taught what is contained in [ LOOK BELOW ] at the beginning of my journey. "
- Gary Peterson
NRA Certified Instructor
US Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor
US Concealed Carry Association Training Counselor
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Distinguished Graduate
Combat Focus Shooting graduate
A Bummer of a Problem...
...and a Clever Solution:
So The Problem, Then, Is:
- We know we need to learn the 7 Foundations of Handgun Marksmanship.
- We know we need to ingrain them into our muscle memories. 
- We know (from the experience of guys like Gary and I) that it's possible to do this on our own time, in our own spaces... so: how?
How can we get this education without suffering the multitude of training-scars that usually destroys most peoples' attempts at becoming sufficiently skilled (and even danged-impressive) with their handguns?
....and how can we get this education from a reliable instructor, on and around our own schedule, and for a reasonable cost? (after all, most personal range instruction costs $75-125 per hour).
A Very Good Solution For You:
The truth is: While I hope this web page has been helpful to you even if you walk away now, I believe I can really help you improve your life in this area as both a protector and practitioner of self-defense and a handgun marksman in general.

I want to become your coach, your educator, your guide.

This is why my team and I worked for five years through three massive iterations, developing what I have been told by many is "the greatest tool for learning excellent handgun marksmanship in the USA today."

Here's what I'd like to do for you:
"3X to 6X Your Accuracy Ability With Any Handgun, 
Literally Without Ever Leaving Your Home...
Whether You Are a Seasoned Veteran or a new Beginner. Learn to Shoot With Life-Saving Accuracy, Speed, and Control at The Range or On The Street."
Master Handgun Accuracy is a 3-Part DVD set that you watch on your own, in the privacy of your own home. 

Through the entire program, I am your host - Patrick Kilchermann, and we meticulously designed this course for maximum efficiency in education, training, practice, and enjoyment. 

Part 1 (disc 1) teaches the 7 Foundations in a way that is easy and fun to understand. This is the education and training portion of the program.

Part 2 (disc 2) is the practice portion, and here I instruct you on how to prepare a safe "dry fire training environment" in your home, and then guide you through several follow-along, dry-fire courses. All you have to do is follow along with them at the schedule I suggest in the program (about 5 days per week, 7 minutes per day, for a month or so), you won't believe the improvement in your handgun abilities that you'll see. More on that in a moment.

Part 3 (disc 3) dives deep into how we can select and improve our handguns (and improve our bodies) to take our accuracy ability even further.
How Effective of a Program is Master Handgun Accuracy?
Remember Gary Peterson, founder of US Gun Class? Here's what he had to say after going through Master Handgun Accuracy for his own education:
"In the past five years I have taken 22 live courses from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Rob Pincus, Michael Martin and others. I have watched over a dozen handgun video training courses and read many books. This DVD series is by far the best training of them all.

I learned something from every one of the training courses that I took. I would give promising information and techniques a try. Some were incorporated into my shooting and many were discarded.

This forced me to seriously look at other styles and techniques. There are so many different methods and refinements to shooting a handgun. After several years of studying, I gradually incorporated what I felt were the best into my own style. My students were now much more able to see immediate improvement in their own shooting.

Still wanting to learn, I purchased Master Handgun Accuracy. I was amazed that Patrick was teaching exactly what I had distilled after a 5 year journey of studying and training. The best part was that there were additional things he taught that filled in some missing pieces for me.

I could have shaved years off my training if only I had been taught what is contained in Master Handgun Accuracy at the beginning of my journey.

[At US Gun Class], we train several thousand students per month in concealed carry classes in many states. I have purchased 60 sets of Master Handgun Accuracy and given them to our instructors. We want our instructors to have the best training and that includes learning the skills taught by Patrick in MHA."
- Gary Peterson
NRA Certified Instructor
US Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor
US Concealed Carry Association Training Counselor
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Distinguished Graduate
Combat Focus Shooting graduate
We have put over 32,000 students through the three iterations of our at-home handgun accuracy course since 2012, and each one has been sold with a 'no hassle, no questions asked' guarantee: it either will 3x-6x your accuracy, or just return it for a 100% refund. (We've really tried to put our money where our mouths are!). 

Well, our return rate is less than 1%, and as you can imagine, we've been blessed with hundreds of positive testimonials and reviews like this one, and I can share more in a little bit. But first, more about Master Handgun Accuracy:
I would love for you to be the next student who tries this program.
IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY MASTER HANDGUN ACCURACY, please use the button below. You will get the program itself, lifetime customer support, our unconditional 100% results/refund guarantee. Otherwise, please continue to read as I explain in greater detail how Master Handgun Accuracy will help you.
In CCU Founder Pat Kilchermann's first book, published here in 2020, he sets forward a powerful formula for hardening your home and readying yourself for home defense, using what he calls the 4 Layer of Home Security.
"The outer two layers are all about Deterrence: making them avoid ever targeting your home to begin with. But if those fail, your inner layers kick in: first, to make sure you KNOW your home is being targeted and to buy you time so that you have time to arm yourself and gather your family - and then so that you know exactly how to engage a violent intruder inside your home. I cover all the tools, firearms, and gadgets that can help you accomplish these goals. I think you'll love this material." - Patrick Kilchermann, March 2020
What Is Master Handgun Accuracy, What's All Included, and How Does It Work?
Master Handgun Accuracy is a six hour, three disc DVD training program that you can pick up – regardless of your current skill or experience level - and use it to become a capable, competent, and impressive handgun marksman within a very short amount of time – a month for some people, a couple months at the most.

And like all Concealed Carry University training curriculum, I personally guarantee these results 100% with no strings attached. The simple fact is: if this program doesn’t give you the handgun marksmanship ability that I am promising you it will, you can send it back to get a 100% refund – regardless of what sort of condition the box set is in. Even if you lose a disc – I don’t care. I stand behind my word.

The best thing about Master Handgun Accuracy is that it’s designed to be done from the comfort of your own home, without firing a single costly live round of ammunition. And you don’t need any special training gadgets or laser pistol devices – you will be using the exacty gun that you keep for home defense or the one that you carry concealed. All you need is the program and a TV and DVD player or computer to watch it.

Don’t worry – this process has been used by tens of thousands of individuals, and you will be learning how to ensure that it is 100% safe for you, your surroundings, and your gun.

Before I go any further, let me explain how this program works and what you’ll find in each disc. And then I will tell you how you can get your copy of Master Handgun Accuracy.

As I mentioned, Master Handgun Accuracy is a 3 disc, 3 part program designed to…
-- Educate you on, and demonstrate for you, how to tune your body perfectly to perform the perfect handgun shot.

-- Ingrain that ability into your muscle memory for INSTANT ACCURACY.

-- And then dive deep into all the tools and gear associated with handgun accuracy, learning how each component of our handguns and our bodies affects our ability to shoot accurately – as well as how to strengthen our bodies and modify our handguns to take our accuracy to an even greater level.
But let’s go a little bit deeper as I explain what’s included in each disc. This will help you decide whether or not Master Handgun Accuracy is the right investment for you.
A 'Once In Your Life' Investment Into
a Personal Skill That You'll NEVER REGRET
Having Cultivated In Yourself.
The premise of this first disc is that while there are thousands of incorrect and inaccurate ways to fire a handgun – there are only a couple right ways – or best ways.

The right way is made up of seven various foundational body positions, from your feet all the way up to your head and out to your hands. It may sound complicated, but I promise it’s not: The entire purpose of disc one, The Lost Art, is to instill these 7 Foundations into your shooting platform and technique so that you can’t help but shoot accurately.

You’ll learn:

- Proper footing and leg positioning.
- Correct upper body positioning.
- Rock-solid shoulder, elbow, and arm positions.
- Correct one-hand and two-hand grip method.
- Sight alignment and focus secrets of the pros – and I’m not exaggerating here- these are some of the few actual "secrets" related to handgun accuracy.
- You’ll learn how we should be breathing while we shoot, and perhaps most importantly of all,
- You’ll master trigger control techniques for the three different handgun triggers that exist.
And disc one actually goes beyond teaching and demonstrating the 7 Foundations of handgun accuracy, because before we dive into those 7 Foundations, we detail 3 crucial concepts that we must understand before handgun excellence is even possible. These are:

1 – The Stability and Consistency Concept: how these two goals are the sole objective of the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy – and how everything we do with our handguns and bodies will either add to or remove from stability and consistency.

2 – The 4 Foundational Marksmanship Beliefs that we must all share before we can hit our true accuracy potential.

And most important of all,

3 – We make the first ever attempt that I’m aware of to actually define what is and is not good shooting.

See, it makes no sense to pursue handgun accuracy without first having realistic expectations about what sort of handgun accuracy is even possible.
Most people do not have these realistic expectations – they either don’t realize what they’re capable of or, thanks to a battalion of lying keyboard commandos, they’re expecting to accomplish sub-2-inch groups at 25 yards – and they’re frustrated when they can’t do that.

Well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to define these realistic expectations by studying the human eye, human vision, and by doing trigonometric equations to discover the physical limitations and capabilities of ourselves and our equipment.

Using this data, we’ve established handgun accuracy goals for you for the ranges of 7, 12, and 20 yards. I think you’ll find these expectations liberating and motivating at the same time as you work on the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy.
The Most Affordable, Simple, 
Fail-Proof and Accessible Handgun Training
Available Today.
But remember – knowing how to shoot correctly is only the first step toward becoming excellent with your handgun. The next step is developing INSTANT ACCURACY – life-saving accuracy – by ingraining everything you learned in disc one directly into your reflexive muscle memory.

And that is the purpose of disc two of Master Handgun Accuracy.

And the premise of this second part of the program is that it’s one thing to logically understand the 7 Foundations of handgun accuracy and be able to – with five seconds preparation – get into the ideal shooting stance and slowly place accurate shots on target.

It’s quite another thing entirely to be able to achieve that same accuracy without any mental effort on your part, as fast as you can pull the trigger, 1.5 seconds after drawing your handgun in a groggy, sleepy state while being fired at by an attacker.

Well, if you stick with the training that we outline here in part two, within 30 to 90 days you WILL have that ability. You will have that reflexive, INSTANT ACCURACY.
And what makes our method of obtaining INSTANT Accuracy so beneficial is that once this skill is ingrained into your muscle memory, it’s there almost permanently. It’ll be especially permanent if you follow our “few times per year” maintenance routine.

The training on part two is not effortless. It will take a small time investment on your part. But not only do I think you agree with me that developing this level of competency and proficiency is a responsibility all handgun owners share, but I promise I’ve done everything in my power to make part two as effortless and cost effective as possible.
Because the brutal truth is that it’ll take you about 3000 properly conducted handgun shot repetitions to develop instant muscle memory accuracy.

That sounds like a lot, but listen: Herein lies the real beauty of this second part of the program.

See – rather than firing 3000 round of live ammunition at an approximate cost of $1200, and rather than paying for the dozens of hours of range time to allow for that practice, which costs another few hundred dollars, Master Handgun Accuracy makes it easy to develop INSTANT ACCURACY without ever firing a single live round of ammunition, or even leaving your house.

This probably sounds too good to be true, but let me explain…

Part two leverages the revolutionary concept of Dry-Fire Practice. This is the simple act of cycling your slide and pulling the trigger on an empty chamber.

Now, I always lose a couple people here, because many of us were raised to believe that dry-firing a gun was bad for it.

“You’ll bend the firing pin!” or “You’ll wear your gun out!”
But the scientific truth is that for any modern center-fire handgun chambered in .32 caliber, .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, or 10mm – manufactured since the 1960s – dry-fire is completely safe and harmless to your gun. In fact, it’s a lot LESS stressful to your gun than firing live ammunition – and most guns are rated for at least 100,000 rounds of live firing.

This means you could probably dry-fire your handgun hundreds of thousands of times before any wear and tear became evident. And ALL of the most popular manufacturers that I’m aware of agree – dry-fire is not bad for their guns.
Impress Yourself or Your Money Back.
But even if it was? Becoming a phenomenal marksman while saving upwards of $2,000 in the process would still be an EXCELLENT trade-off, right?

In fact, the benefits of dry-fire practice go far above and beyond simply saving money and making handgun practice extremely convenient. Because of the way our brain is wired, dry-fire actually works to condition away negative tendencies such as flinching or jerking your trigger.

Now we’ll talk about this more, but the bottom line is that dry-fire practice is so beneficial to your abilities as a handgun marksman that we’d recommend dry-fire above live-fire practice even if you have all the ammo and time you could ever want.

So that’s how part two is going to give you INSTANT Accuracy without requiring you to spend a penny on ammunition.

Here’s how disc 2 unfolds:
The second disc begins by giving you some powerful motivation that will drive home the importance of – and give you the energy to – make the small time investment needed to stick with the training regimens contained on this disc.

Second, you’ll learn about the mechanics of dry fire practice and of muscle memory, and you’ll learn not just the four rules of gun safety, but the important three-step process for setting up a safe dry fire training environment.

You’ll also learn about a few inexpensive accessories that you can purchase to help ensure that your dry fire training experience is as safe as possible.

And then, we dive into the meat and potatoes of part two: our six unique dry fire training regimens. These are the dry fire training programs that you will simply navigate to on your DVD menu, and follow along with. You just do what I do – it’s as easy as that!

They are each only about eight minutes long which makes them very easy to work into your schedule.

On this disc we give plenty of recommendations as to what sort of schedule and frequency to follow, but you can really go through these training regimens at your leisure. 
No Macho-ism, No Myths, No Feelings. 
Just Scientific Reality & Stunning Results
Through Helpful, Polite Instruction.
Disc 3 is where you will complete your handgun accuracy “Master’s Degree” by learning all about how the various components and characteristics of all the different handguns out there increase or decrease their potential for accuracy.

We’ll talk about what to look for in a handgun that will ensure you get one that’s as accurate as possible. We’ll discuss handgun characteristics such as handle lengths, grip textures, magazine extensions, trigger pull lengths and weights, trigger staging strategies, barrel lengths, sight radius lengths, and sight designs and configurations. By the time you finish, you’ll be able to look at a handgun, handle it for a moment, dry fire it two or three times, and know almost exactly how accurate that handgun will be for you.

Next, we’ll discuss handgun upgrades and modifications – the things we can change about our handguns that will affect their accuracy abilities – going into legalistic discussions on whether or not these are good ideas, or if they will increase either our liability, and the likelihood of paying dearly in court later on.

We’ll also discuss how the various components of our own bodies affect our handgun accuracy – and how to strengthen certain parts of our bodies to boost our ability to fire a handgun accurately and control our handgun during rapid firing.
You can do them once per week, twice per week, five times per week, or twice a day every day – it’s completely up to you. You set the pace. You decide how good you want to become with your handgun, and how fast you want to get there.

I’ve designed these six training regimens to be followed along with in a strategic order. For example, you might spend your first week following along with session Alpha – the first slow-paced regimen. And then the next week, you might step it up to session Bravo – which is the second regimen. You’ll work your way up gradually to session number five and ultimately to number six.

Each of these training regimen sessions contains a unique and powerful bit of handgun accuracy instruction and wisdom.

You will be coached on your form, reminded of the dangers of moving too fast throughout your training, encouraged, and motivated to stick with these training sessions for however long becomes necessary. I promise you: you won’t get bored!

Now, once you’ve got a good start on part two regimens, it’s time to move onto disc 3 in the program.
Then, we get into injuries and disabilities – the way disability and age affects our abilities to shoot handguns accurately. We talk about how and why we might need to adjust our expectations on what we consider to be good shooting, but also how to overcome disability and even leverage age and disability to our advantage to help us in our journeys as handgun marksmen.

The second half of the third part of the program is all about diagnostics. Learning how to troubleshoot bad groupings and bad accuracy, and learning how NOT to shoot a handgun. We go through each of the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy and I demonstrate on camera the most common ways that people make mistakes in their shooting stances, platforms, and techniques.

This will be a dramatic help to you as you work to avoid committing these popular errors.

In addition to discussing these 25+ ways NOT to shoot a handgun, we talk about the advantages and limitations of the increasingly popular handgun accuracy diagnostic chart. We talk about when this chart is useful, how to use it when it is useful, and of course when it falls short and should be avoided.
I realize this sounds like a lot to bite off, but I promise I’ve made it as easy as possible for you. This course is only six hours long – you will find my method of instruction to be very personal, warm, friendly, and entertaining. There is no ego here. No condescending machoism.

All I want is for you to become the handgun marksman that you have the potential of being. I want to take this journey with you, and become your favorite range partner in the process.

Let me finish the description of Master Handgun Accuracy by saying that we print the course on materials mostly made here in the United States, printed and assembled in Indiana, and we package all three discs in an extremely high-quality, glossy box set.

I’ve done my best to design a beautiful package that will be safe and sound on your library shelf for decades as you and your friends and loved ones refer back to it to continue your journey to becoming a master handgun marksman.

"3X to 6X Your Accuracy Ability With Any Handgun, Whether You Are a Seasoned Veteran or a new Beginner. Learn to Shoot With Life-Saving Accuracy, Speed, and Control at The Range or On The Street."
In CCU Founder Pat Kilchermann's first book, published here in 2020, he sets forward a powerful formula for hardening your home and readying yourself for home defense, using what he calls the 4 Layer of Home Security.

"The outer two layers are all about Deterrence: making them avoid ever targeting your home to begin with. But if those fail, your inner layers kick in: first, to make sure you KNOW your home is being targeted and to buy you time so that you have time to arm yourself and gather your family - and then so that you know exactly how to engage a violent intruder inside your home. I cover all the tools, firearms, and gadgets that can help you accomplish these goals. I think you'll love this material." - Patrick Kilchermann, March 2020
“I’ve been around firearms for over 60 years, 8 of which were in military service. My brother & I shoot handguns occasionally to help sharpen our defensive capability. 

Long story short, this 73 year old dog learned a lot from Master Handgun Accuracy about how to correct shooting mistakes and significantly improve accuracy. The tips on grip, stance, weak hand support & breathing really made a big difference in my accuracy & self defense confidence. At first it was difficult for this oldster to stay in a proper shooting position to practice dry fire but repetition cured that problem. Lesson learned, stick with it. 

Whether you’re a youngster, oldster, in between or perhaps think you might know-it-all, my advice is to get this Master Handgun Accuracy Program and faithfully practice, step by step. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in your accuracy and self defense capability.”
“Mr. Kilchermann has outdone himself with the Master Handgun Accuracy set. This set allowed me to take a giant step forward in speed and accuracy. Production value is top notch. You can practice right along with him, and turn the fairly complicated mental sequence of the draw, aim, and fire into pure muscle memory, requiring no conscious thought process. This is the best course out there.
“I am a retired Army veteran with 23 years service in the cavalry plus 2 tours in Viet Nam. I have had opportunities to use a handgun in combat and have spent years practicing on gun ranges.
After an armed break-in at home I decided to start carrying concealed plus making a serious attempt to increase my handgun accuracy. I have bought both both The Armed Americans Complete Concealed Carry Guide and Master Handgun Accuracy in an attempt to do so.

After reviewing both sets of dvd's several times, I found that I had developed some seriously bad "lazy" habits that I am working to un-learn. Without all of Patrick Kilchermann's amazing input in his dvd's I would never have had a prayer of increasing my proficiency with my handguns. After lots of dry-fire practice and taking many mental notes during my reviews of his dvd's, I took it all to my range in the "back 40" and worked seriously to incorporate all of Patrick's training. I still have lots of work to do on the range but my accuracy has already improved dramatically. To say that I am happy with the results so far is an understatement!

Thank you Patrick, for all the help you have been to me in my quest to improve my ability to defend myself and others if need be. I feel more confident in my ability to do so. My journey has just begun... again.”
“This is an outstanding course--the best of its kind that I have ever seen.
“I can hardly believe the difference this training has already made in my shooting skill level. I actually had been thinking I had purchased the wrong gun and had started looking for something different that I could handle better. The videos showed me clearly that I was the problem, not my weapon. Now with proper stance, grip, practice, and repetition I am on the path to where I need to be and will be able to carry with responsibility and confidence. Thank you Patrick, your training is the best.
In CCU Founder Pat Kilchermann's first book, published here in 2020, he sets forward a powerful formula for hardening your home and readying yourself for home defense, using what he calls the 4 Layer of Home Security.

"The outer two layers are all about Deterrence: making them avoid ever targeting your home to begin with. But if those fail, your inner layers kick in: first, to make sure you KNOW your home is being targeted and to buy you time so that you have time to arm yourself and gather your family - and then so that you know exactly how to engage a violent intruder inside your home. I cover all the tools, firearms, and gadgets that can help you accomplish these goals. I think you'll love this material." - Patrick Kilchermann, March 2020