The Essential Guide for Handgun Owners
  • Learn everything you need to know about the terminology, description, function, and operation of handguns.
  • Learn how to quickly and accurately evaluate any handgun based on its reliability, durability, accuracy, defensive capabilities, its concealability, and how comfortable it will be to shoot – all without even having to pick that weapon up.
  • Master the three “real world rules” of gun safety, and get to the point where you can virtually guarantee that you’ll be the safest and most in control gun handler in any group that you’re in.
  • Through a completely revolutionary follow-along, graduated system for mastering the hands-on handling of your handgun, you will obtain a sense of control over and confidence in your handling abilities that even many seasoned professionals and police officers sadly never achieve.

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Hello! My name is Patrick Kilchermann, and I’m the founder and president of this organization, Concealed Carry University. We pride ourselves on being [or at least working very hard to try to be] a truly objective, educational, and balanced voice in the firearms industry. We rely on a foundation of facts and data and real-world experience to help form our teaching methods.

Through CCU, I’ve created some of the highest rated and most numerously reviewed at-home education material out there pertaining to handguns, using it to educate close to 100,000 Americans (and counting) in the arts and sciences of everything from threat awareness and avoidance, to the act of equipping oneself for concealed carry, to education and training in raw, unvarnished handgun combat.
My students are privately armed individuals, police officers, and even other firearms instructors. I absolutely love what I do, and every day that I can coach and guide people like you is a blessing.

Now BECAUSE YOU’RE HERE, then I’m guessing you’re either relatively new to handguns OR you simply feel the need to become more comfortable and confident in their use (or, you’re shopping for someone who is!). If that’s the case, then I have exactly what you need to help you achieve your goals as a handgun owner.

We all want to become effective with our handguns.
  • We want that peace of mind that comes with knowing that, if the absolute worst should happen, we will be able to defend ourselves.
  • We want to KNOW what we’re doing with a handgun in our hands, and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves or hurt anyone (thus defeating the entire purpose of buying a handgun in the first place).
  • But what people don’t realize, is that they will never have this peace of mind and faith in their abilities to be safe and effective with a handgun, unless they first become 100% confident with that weapon in their hand.
The truth is, developing CONFIDENCE in your ability to handle and use a handgun KNOWLEDGEABLY, SAFELY, and EFFECTIVELY is not actually very difficult, and it doesn’t take long, and it can be fun: IF you have a good teacher, IF you take it slow and easy, and IF you go about learning it with the right techniques.

In other words – like learning to drive a stick, you can’t brute force it! It takes clear understanding gained from good instruction… and if you try to learn that technique as you go, you won’t have fun, and things may get broken or OR people may get hurt.

So: you need a good instructor, who knows his or her stuff. But that’s not most people’s experience.
Because of an increasingly large pool of snickering on-lookers, it has become almost impossible for anyone to get this sense of confidence….
Every day in this country, thousands of people walk out of gun stores with their first handgun. They are introducing deadly force into their homes where their kids and grand-kids play, and most of them feel uneducated and lack of confidence with weapon in hand.

And: most people who try to ‘get into handguns’ report that their experience is absolutely miserable.

Why? Well… because of two massive failures – two alarming trends – within America’s firearms education industry, most people never get the sort of warm orientation and education into safe, responsible, effective handgun ownership that they really need in order to become truly confident (or safe, or effective).
I’m talking about an attitude of ARROGANCE and MACHOISM that is spreading fast throughout the gun culture into many of the gun stores, gun clubs, training schools, training books and videos, and especially websites, blogs, and online firearms-related communities.
  • This abrasive culture makes learning a humiliating process: most new handgun users undergo a ton of completely unnecessary humiliation and stress on their first trip to the range and gun store — and trips after that can remain stressful.
  • Because of all the PRIDE that machoism and arrogance leads to, this culture is at war with itself. And therefore, ‘handgun education’ has become polluted with so much terrible and often conflicting advice that most new-comers can’t even be sure of who to trust, making the process of self-education or ‘learning as you go’ difficult and at times, dangerous…
  • Many deep, dark tragedies have destroyed innocent lives and have torn families apart, all because of tiny little lapses of attention, and because of gaps in understanding on the part of the new gun owners. These are complete unnecessary and avoidable with a proper education, and yet if you become guilty of something like this, you’ll wish you’d never even touched a handgun for as long as you live.
And because of all that:
Instead of being safe, confident, and effective with handguns in hand…
…MOST HANDGUN OWNERS tend to feel NERVOUS and UNCERTAIN at the gun range or when handling their firearms, and they rarely reach anything close to their full potential. It’s sad for me to see something that should be relaxing and fun and empowering turn into something stressful and nerve-racking and humiliating.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
  • I want you to enjoy shooting, to feel at home in a gun store or at the range, to be 100% safe when shooting and handling your handgun, and to feel effective in keeping your handgun ready at home for self-defense, or possibly even carry concealed, if those are goals that you have.
  • I want you to have a solid command over all firearms related lingo and concepts.
  • I want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable with all types of handguns in your hand, even during your first experience with those firearms.
  • I want you to know how they work, and what each of them was designed for.
  • I want you to feel confident and in-charge at the gun range, and be able to call out unsafe behavior when you see it – and have such a clear understanding of your own handgun choice that you’re able to be 100% safe with it at all times.
  • And I want the path of the responsibly armed American to be one for you that is pleasurable, motivating, cost-effective, and peaceful.
  • And at the same time, I want you to have the decade’s worth of wisdom that I have, so that you can make excellent decisions related to target shooting, home defense, and concealed carry. 
How do you overcome all the garbage stemming from the machoism and competition out there, and get the truth, learn what you need to learn, and obtain that wonderful feeling of true handgun confidence?

We’ll, over 10 years and tens of thousands of students, I’ve learned that the VERY FIRST STEP requires us to begin here:

We have to accept the fact that nobody is born with handgun skill or safety or confidence or knowledge. If anyone has these things, they had to study hard and work hard to acquire them, even if they won’t admit it.


We have to know that that firearm confidence is NOT just meant for some elite few, but that anyone and everyone with a healthy state of mind can have it. It’s not unobtainable, and frankly it’s not even that hard. You just have to accept that you are every bit as capable of feeling comfortable and confident and safe with one of these weapons as anyone else is, but you’ve got to be willing to put in some time and do the work.


We must realize that we shouldn’t go alone and try to self-educate without the wisely prepared guidelines of a seasoned instructor. That’s because there is just too much BS out there either in gun stores, clubs, or especially the internet. Most of the information you can find touted is either partially or completely emaciated by myth and mistruth that it’s borderline dangerous, making it far wiser to learn from an instructor whom you trust.

And finally…

We must understand that IF we’re going to own a handgun, then we owe this duty to become educated to ourselves and to our families. I believe handgun ownership is an incredible discipline, that it makes us better people by doing it well, and I want that for you.
Those who understand these important points often feel lost: “WHERE am I supposed to learn this stuff?”

Over the years, I’ve taken several people under my wing. People who were new to handguns, who had miserable experiences at the range or at the gun store or in classes – or even online, attempting to self-educate (only to be shoved or laughed out of gun message boards). Usually as personal favor (but sometimes for a respectable fee), I’ll go and stand in someone’s living room, and with a finely-tuned curriculum in hand, I’ll spend the day with someone strategically imparting onto them 10 years of condensed, refined handgun wisdom.

This type of day with me is easy and fun – and by the time I’m finished with them, they are usually golden! They have fun entering and pursuing this newfound discipline… fun going to the range, and they have no problem cleaning and maintaining their handguns. They often go on to become effective home-defense practitioners, knowing that their families are quite a bit safer. In short: a day with me is usually enough to ensure that someone becomes truly responsibly and effectively and knowledgeably armed.
Watching so many good people struggle made me realize that this type of ‘complete’ education was the missing link for millions relatively new handgun owners and users out there, or those who were considering buying their first handgun.

The only problem was, the education didn’t exist anywhere else! I had no time to work personally with everyone who came to me in need, and yet I had nowhere to send them.

And so, I understood that as an industry thought-leader, it was up to me: I had a duty to assemble this education into a medium that I could then offer to anybody in the country who came to me expressing these same concerns and frustration.
I wanted to create an education system that somebody could watch on their TV or computer, that would be just like having me in their own living room. A course they could take in the span of a single day, or spread out over several days, which would endow onto them 10 full years of wisdom saving them dozens upon dozens of hours of painful lessons learned the hard way, and bad and unsafe habits formed. In short, I wanted to make a training program that would have set me ahead many years back when I bought my very first handgun.
Your Fundamental Course To Expert Handgun Knowledge, Safety, And Confident, Effective Use.
What this is, is a masterfully crafted follow-along, at-home program structured across three strategic parts.

The KEY to the success of this program, which most handgun owners never get to experience, is that without a ‘Foundation of Education and Knowledge’, it’s virtually impossible to be SAFE. And without the foundation of SAFETY built atop the foundation of Knowledge, it’s virtually impossible to be effective.

And so, that’s how I’ll be teaching you through this program.

It’s a DVD set that you can watch from inside your home in the span of one or two days, and it’s exactly like having me right there in your living room, where I teach you everything you need to know, and leave you more ready and confident than you’ll believe to either dive fully into handgun ownership, or to continue along in your existing journey as a responsibly armed handgun owner.
This 5 DVD set goes far above and beyond the bare minimum, truly elevating those wisely armed individuals who go through this program to the upper percentile of hand gun owners in regards to their comfort level, confidence level, knowledge, and safety ability.

The three parts of this program build on each other to form what I call a perfect skill pyramid: Veteran-Smooth Handgun Handling & Usage Abilities, built on a foundation of 100% autopilot and 100% Safe Behavior, built on a foundation of structured, essential Knowledge: all the things we need to know about handgun design, operation, features, and etiquette.
And as someone who tens of thousands of our fellow responsibly armed guardians have trusted as a handgun educational coach and guide, then I believe you are the exact sort of person whose life will be changed by The Essential Guide For Hand Gun Owners.

And if you use this approach, if you go through the 9-Hour Essential Guide For Handgun Owners, I can guarantee you that you’ll not only reap the fruits of this excellent education model, which are confidence and effectiveness with your handgun, but that you’ll be far better off than you would have if you had tried to ‘go it alone’ – often finding that you’re the most and best educated handgun user in the room, even among people who have been shooting for decades.

In fact, I guarantee that you’ll realize these results from this program, with the promise that I’ll buy this program right back from you for exactly what you paid; but more on that below.
Teach you everything you need to know about the function and operation of handguns: from the basics (how to load, unload, make safe, cycle, charge, de-cock, how to hold, and how to fire), to advanced topics that most handgun users are never fully comfortable with (though you will be!), such as which features are better in a self-defense gun, how the internals work in a handgun, and why and for what purposes all the various types of handguns out there were designed.
It will teach you how to quickly and accurately evaluate any handgun based on its reliability, durability, accuracy, defensive capabilities, its concealability, and how comfortable it will be to shoot – all without even having to pick that weapon up… And CERTAINLY without having to spend hundreds of painful, regrettable dollars first, which is just about what every other hand gun owner has to do.
You will pick up all the terminology and vocabulary and firearms nuances that take most hand gun users a lifetime to understand – both so that you can fit in with the veterans wherever you go, and so that your ability to articulate and justify your gun-related choices and decisions are as strong as those decisions themselves.
You will quickly learn everything you need to know about ammunition and bullet types and calibers and ballistics – things most “experts” don’t even know, but things that will allow you to make wise decisions for home defense, concealed carry, and target shooting – which will save you a lot of money.
You will learn about the three “real world rules” of gun safety, and I’ll guide you through working to the point where you can virtually guarantee that you’ll be the safest and most in control gun handler in any group that you’re in – both pistol and long-gun, and how to call out unsafe behavior in others in a strong, effective, and polite (but effective) way.
And through a completely revolutionary follow-along, graduated system for mastering the hands-on handling of your handgun, you will obtain a sense of control over and confidence in your handling abilities that even many seasoned professionals and police officers sadly never achieve. And by following along with me on your screen right from your home, you’ll accomplish all that long before ever setting foot in a shooting stall.
I built this for you.
In short… I used all my experience as an instructor, after so many thousands of hours of study and interaction with helping others, to create a program that I wish I had had access to when I first started out on my journey as a handgun owner. A program that I am super excited to be able to give to my loved ones when they come to me with questions and uncertainties, the same way that Michael did. I created a program that I believe all hand gun owners should go through in their careers as armed citizens as early on as they possibly can.

I created a program that is entertaining, educational, fast, and easy.
Part 1: The Knowledge Foundation Required For Total Handgun Control And Confidence.
Part 1 is a 5-hour education comprised of the first two DVDs in this set, and this is the knowledge portion – where you’ll learn everything you need to know about handguns and all their supporting components (magazines, ammunition).

Beginning at the most basic and easily understood level, I’ll take you straight to the range and walk you through some demos of how and why handguns work the way they do and I’ll show you what is possible with them. This is going to give you the necessary context for everything you’re about to learn.

Then, we head into the Concealed Carry University studio as we begin your formal education. We begin by covering the history of the handgun, and we examine how and why we ended up where we did with today’s handgun options. This is going to help you see which types of handguns are obsolete — and which may still be a little too far ahead of their time to be reliable and durable.
You’ll learn how nearly all the hundreds of handgun options out there actually fit into just four categories of sizes. You’ll learn what the intended purpose of each size is, and then you’ll see very clearly why you should never choose one of these four sizes for anything, and why another of the four sizes is often the first handgun many people purchase (and becomes one of their biggest firearms-related purchase regrets!).
We’ll then discuss the 15 characteristics of a handgun – and this is huge. You see, I’ve determined that there are 15 different ways that a handgun can be measured each of which have a BIG IMPACT on how the utility of that handgun is affected. Some of these 15 characteristics include handgun length, height, width, trigger dynamics, sight radius and configuration, and so on.

Some of these terms may seem foreign to you now, but they won’t after your second hour with me. But the really incredible thing is, once I teach you what these 15 characteristics are and how to quickly measure them, you’ll have a master key to completely understanding every handgun that has ever been, and every handgun that ever will be.

And rather than being a slave to fashion, and having your sense of confidence in your own handgun thrown every time a new gun comes out, you’ll instead be able to see through all the hype, and you’ll be able to know (without even picking that new gun up!) what its strengths and weaknesses are, what it was and wasn’t designed for, and when comparing it to the handgun you own, you know exactly how much less or more that gun would be effective for target shooting, home defense, or concealed carry.

Through this part of the program, you’ll come to understand exactly why there is no ultimate handgun, but how instead, every handgun is merely a balance between combat effectiveness at one end, and concealability at the other. Similarly, you’ll learn about many of the other spectrums that we’re having to choose between when we evaluate and select a handgun (such as size and reliability).
This wisdom will not only arm you with incredible wisdom for selecting your own handgun, but you’ll be better suited to evaluate all handguns that you may come across.

This ‘Handgun Characteristics Approach’ is completely unprecedented, is brand-new to the industry in this program here, and I believe it’s the most simple and effective method for learning handguns that has ever been conceived.

It’s the most strategic way possible to look at handguns, and I make learning it a cinch, whether you tend to be left or right brained, and whether you’ve been shooting for years OR are brand-new to all of this.
From there, we cover everything else that you may want or need to know:
Which calibers are and are not effective at stopping human threats, and why.
How many rounds your handgun should hold: bare minimums, and our recommendations.
What bullet designs you may encounter, what each are for, which you will want for self-defense, and which you will want for target practice.
What every switch and button on every handgun you may encounter does, and how to operate them.
How and why the grip texture of a handgun and the length of its slide and handle all have a major impact on how much a handgun recoils, or kicks.
What handguns work well for the elderly or those who suffer with arthritis.
What some of the most common mistakes are that people make with handguns, and how to avoid them.
What some of the greatest handgun myths out there are, and the truths that counter them.
What the most important 3 things are to look for in a handgun, and how to spot them without ever having to fire the handgun.
Suffice it to say, you are going to learn a lot. I believe the education you’ll get here in part one should be mandatory for those who own handguns because, without it, handguns remain an elusive, mysterious, intimidating subject – making any sort of feeling of understanding or confidence impossible.

But with it…. with this knowledge – you’ll feel the beginning of REAL HANDGUN CONFIDENCE. And then: it’s time to push forward into part 2! Disc #3 in this 5-disc set.
Part 2: “Learn to be Safe with Your Handgun – Alone and in Groups – ALL THE TIME.”
Part 2 is where I guide you through a one-hour positive-habit-forming course in teaching you to develop the “body knowledge” that can guarantee you flawless safe handgun handling abilities, so that anytime you pick up a handgun (or are around people who are handling firearms), you will be able to take charge in ensuring that no accidents happen. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll learn how to hold guns, how to pass guns back and forth, how to handle guns safely, how to clear them, how to move in groups of people while armed, and even a bit about how to fight within and around bystanders with your handgun, while ensuring that innocent people remain as safe as possible.
You’ll also learn mandatory and essential safety concepts such as:
Taking gun safety from the realm of memory based knowledge to the Concealed Carry University preferred round of intuitive instruction, where we teach you a fluid method of practicing proper gun safety at all times.
You’ll learn the four rules of gun safety, how they apply specifically to handguns, and how they translate to real-world situations.
You’ll gain an understanding that tragic gun accidents can only happen when all four rules of gun safety are broken at once, and how our process for programming automatic gun safety into the brain focuses on helping to build “muzzle awareness”.
You’ll hear a couple sad and motivational stories to help drive home some of the points we make, and you’ll even learn the proper imprudent ways to call out and correct another person who you see you violate the natural law of gun safety.
Plus, you will get a studio demonstration of all the most common pistol, shotgun, and rifle safety violations, and you will learn how to avoid them.
What handguns work well for the elderly or those who suffer with arthritis.
Part 3: “Getting to Know AND MASTERING Your Pistol”
Part 3 is the section of the program where the rubber really meets the road. Through the final two discs in this program which make up part 3, you’ll be guided all the way from buying a handgun and ammo, to unboxing your new handgun, through our ‘revolutionary’ in-home dry acclamation process, to the gun range and how to rent range time (and how to behave in the range), through solid practice strategies that you can use in the gun range itself.

What about this unprecedented “Dry Acclamation Process” that I mentioned? Well, it’s like this: in my experience, the biggest mistake a new shooter can make is to take a gun they are unfamiliar with straight into the gun range. Doing so simply reinforces the uncertainty and apprehension that everyone has the first time they fire a new handgun – and unfortunately, setting off on this path makes true handgun confidence very difficult to ever obtain.
Together, you and I are going to do something better and smarter! …(and don’t worry, this is going to help you just as much if you are not new to handguns, and have been shooting for years, but still don’t feel completely confident or comfortable with your handgun in hand!)

My goal for you is that your handgun will become like an extension of your body — because, until it is, you’ll never reach anywhere near your true potential as a handgun user. And, you’ll never feel natural and comfortable while handling your handgun.

How does it work? This process involves you sitting in front of your television or computer, with your safe and unloaded handgun in front of you, while I guide you through a series of exercises designed to accomplish what I refer to as building “body knowledge.” We’ll do this by examining every feature of your handgun, and running it dry enough times to commit its feel and functionality into your first level of muscle memory. We run you through dry charging, making safe, field stripping, cleaning, up to doing some dry-fire practice so you can master the function of your trigger.

Part three is your hands on training. It is the place where you will check your education and ability level in handling your own firearm. Again, it requires no ammunition be used, and in fact doesn’t even require or recommend that you leave your home, until you’re ready to head to the range. And yet, if and when you find yourself able to follow along with me as we move through this engaging process of mastering your handgun in a dry environment, you will have passed the test.
In part three, you will:
Replace any lingering intimidation or uncertainty or even fear of a handgun with an approachable, healthy respect for them.
You will learn the proper way to familiarize yourself with the mechanisms and functionality of your handgun, and you avoid the embarrassing mistakes that most of us “experts” had to learn the hard way.
You will master the essential foundational requirements for handgun effectiveness from the privacy and comfort of your own home, including field stripping, inspecting, reassembling, loading, charging, unloading and making safe, magazine insertions, and magazine changes.
You’ll learn how you can practice with your handgun inside your home using no ammunition at all, in order to achieve and obtain a high level of handgun marksmanship and handling competency before never setting foot inside a gun range.
You will learn why we need to master our handgun’s trigger press and trigger functionality BEFORE we ever fire live ammunition with our handgun. You will learn why failing to follow this rule puts bad habits and place that destroy your effectiveness with very little chance for correction. But whether you are new to handguns or have been shooting for a while, you will be able to follow along with me to diagnose and correct these issues in your own trigger operation, and get back on the right track.
Here in part three, you will see live fire demonstrations of all major platforms and types of handguns, including explanations and examples of the various quirks that you may experience with each. But going through this part of the program a few times, you will be able to confidently move around a gun store or gun range, and successfully and safely fire almost any kind of handgun out there.
I will be teaching you and showing you the basic practice strategies that you can use once you do get to the range, to make those early range experiences fun, interesting, and extremely lucrative from a skill development standpoint.
And if you’ve never rented time at a shooting range because it’s intimidating or for any other reason, you will particularly enjoy the bonus chapters where my camera crew and I head directly into a gun store and do every possible thing that you may need to do yourself: Asking to see various types of handguns, and eventually going all the way through making a purchase, so that you can see what kind of paperwork you will be expected to fill out, and what that entire process looks like.
How to select and purchase ammunition to use in your handgun, both for target practice and for self-defense.
And perhaps most importantly, how to rent a shooting stall in an indoor gun range, what you will need to fill out and what you will be expected to know, how to move into the shooting stall, how to get set up in the shooting stall, what vast amount of freedom you have to move around and loosen up and get comfortable in the shooting range – AND some of the big, critical “no no’s” that can create for some embarrassing, uncomfortable, and even unsafe situations inside of a shooting range.
By the time you finish part three, you will be truly ready to enter a live fire situation, whether that be your first entry level training course with an instructor, or your first trip to the range. But even if it’ll be your 20th trip to the range, I am certain you will find in any case that your confidence and readiness level will by then be soaring.

And I think there’s a VERY good chance that you’ll discover you’re often the most educated person on handguns wherever you go, and therefore the one who’s able to think the clearest – and therefore, the one who exhibits the most confidence and the safest handgun handling practices.
Below you’ll see a button that says “ADD TO CART”. You can click that, and make your purchase.

AS ALWAYS: This program is 100% guaranteed. I believe I’ve created something here that you will find to be a great aid to you on your journey toward real handgun confidence, and proficiency.
Okay, that’s it! Thank you so much for your time, attention, discipline, focus, energy…. and devotion toward becoming a better handgun owner and a better Guardian. Here’s where to place your order:
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