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Master Handgun Accuracy

Premium 5-star rated 3 DVD set offering a complete, beginning-to-end, reality & scientific-based approach to developing the best Range & Combat Handgun Accuracy Results our industry has to offer. Results Guaranteed by the top name in handgun and concealed carry education and training.

You'll also get instant, online access to this course so you can get started immediately.
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In CCU Founder Pat Kilchermann's first book, published here in 2020, he sets forward a powerful formula for hardening your home and readying yourself for home defense, using what he calls the 4 Layer of Home Security.

"The outer two layers are all about Deterrence: making them avoid ever targeting your home to begin with. But if those fail, your inner layers kick in: first, to make sure you KNOW your home is being targeted and to buy you time so that you have time to arm yourself and gather your family - and then so that you know exactly how to engage a violent intruder inside your home. I cover all the tools, firearms, and gadgets that can help you accomplish these goals. I think you'll love this material." - Patrick Kilchermann, March 2020
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